Alexander Technique In London - Michelle Cole
Everyone is

always teaching one what to do leaving us still doing the things we

shouldn't F.M. Alexander


Cycling with the Alexander Technique
in Brockley, SE4.

A workshop at The Sunflower Centre
With Michelle Cole


Please email for further information.

Cost: £50bicycle.jpg

In this workshop we will explore applying the Alexander Technique to cycling.
Beginning with an introduction to the basic principles of the Technique, we will move on to practical activities relating to our use on a bike. There will be an opportunity to use a cycle trainer indoors before moving outside for some cycling.

I am a very experienced cyclist having regularly cycled in London for 25 years and have cycle-toured in many parts of the world including; East Africa, South America, S.E Asia, Cuba, Canada and Europe.

This workshop is suitable for all cyclists with or without experience of the Alexander Technique.